The rate of happenings in genomics is dizzying. Every week brings dozens of new scientific papers, several announcements from companies, the surfacing of many ethical, legal, social issues, and often tear-jerking stories from the frontline of clinical care. In an attempt to keep my finger somewhat on the pulse, I have been doing a weekly round-up email for my co-workers. The main purpose of this blog is to share that more broadly. My attempts at synthesis are by no means systematic, they simply represent what I consider to be the coolest developments in genomics.

I work for Omicia, a company bridging the gap between sequencing data and actionable clinical reports. My over arching interest concerns what we can and what we should be doing with the information on what makes each of us genetically unique. My background includes research on the proteomics side of bioinformatics (publications here), undergraduate studies in physics and philosophy, and some dabbling in management consultancy.


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